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SWEDEN, Oct 18, 2012 - SCA invests approximately SEK 490 Million in a bio-fuelled lime kiln at the Munksund paper mill in Piteå in northern Sweden. Through this investment SCA Munksund reduces its carbon footprint, its emissions of carbon dioxide form fossil fuels, by 75 per cent.

The limekiln is part of the chemical recovery systems at SCA Munksund. The old oil-fuelled lime kiln from 1966 has been a bottle neck for the packaging paper mill’s continued development.

For further information please contact

Björn Lyngfelt, vp communications SCA Forest Products, tel. +46 60 19 34 98

Per Embertsén, president SCA Munksund, tel. +46 911 98 207.

Sundsvall, 18 October 2012



“The technology to use wood pellets instead of fuel oil for an advanced installation such as a lime kiln, has been developed at SCA’s Östrand pulp mill in Timrå”, says Ulf Larsson, president of SCA Forest Products. “The very good experience from there is now brought into the project in Munksund.”

Apart from the lime kiln, the investment comprises electro-precipitator and other supporting equipment, along with equipment for the processing and storing of wood pellets. The new lime kiln will allow for a certain increase in the production of packaging paper at the mill, but more importantly it will allow for a continued positive development of production and products at the Munksund paper mill.

“Through SCA’s investments in Munksund, we will be able to produce a broader portfolio and products with a higher quality. Our processes will become more efficient and, not the least, the environmental effects of the paper mill is radically reduced. We will be able to offer better and more sustainable products, says Per Embertsén, president at SCA Munksund.”


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