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NORWAY, Aug 22, 2011 Two containers, supplying hydrosulfite to the bleaching of the paper production, was set under fire Sunday afternoon at 17:20 at the Skogn mill. It was a strong development of heat and smoke that caused some emission of SO2-gas. The local fire squads, ambulance and police were called upon. The fire was extinguished at 19:30.

The fire did not cause any stop in the paper production. However, PM2 halted some hours due to paper breakage.

One of our employees in the mill’s industrial defence was sent to the local emergency clinic for a health check. He was leaving the clinic after few hours, and he is not reported sick. He was participating in extinguishing the fire and wore authorized smoke diver outfit.The dosage plant, where the fire started, has minimal damage and will be ready for use within short time.


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