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July 8, 2015 (Marlborough, Mass) — LCI Paper Company is excited to announce they have been selected by Gmund—the world’s finest paper manufacturer—to carry and distribute the Gmund Color System papers.

The Gmund Color System (also referred to as “Gmund Colors”) is a uniquely simple and efficient philosophy where 4 collections of exquisite papers match one another, regardless of color, texture and style. Gmund color experts spent years developing elegant, saturated colors that compliment each and every one of its counterparts. The result is a stunning array of color and paper combinations which make matching, designing, and creating consistent and easy. All Gmund papers reflect the luxury and superior paper quality Gmund is famous for.

Inspiration for some of the individual colors came from a scarf, a coffee cup, and other striking everyday items. During the development of the color system, if one color did not beautifully compliment other colors already selected, it was discarded.

The most luxurious items the world over are packed in Gmund paper. Made in Germany in their over-185-year-old mill, Gmund meticulously crafts each and every color and paper so that it impresses as a collection, as well as on its own.

The papers included in the color system are: Matt, Felt, Metallic and Transparent. The Matt collection contains 48 colors and serves as the basis for the corresponding Color System papers. Each Matt paper is outstanding in its own right. The process by which Gmund developed the colors for Matt (as well as the entire CS line) is top secret.

Gmund Colors Felt is truly like no other, and re-defining “felt” as Americans know it; this paper is distinctly tactile, clean, and plush. Gmund Colors Metallic is refined and reflective, exceeding luxury and expectation through exceptional quality and finish. Gmund Colors Transparent is a stunning collection of rich, color-infused vellum in 7 beautifully curated hues, each with a transparent finish.

These beautiful Gmund papers are an asset to any project: Letterhead, business cards, folders, brochures, offset printing, steel engraving, silk-screen printing, hot foil stamping, and/or embossing.

Since 1995, LCI has been the leading expert in specialty paper. LCI’s services include: bespoke customer designs, personalized envelope addressing, same day shipping (on selected orders), and thousands upon thousands of paper options to suit every occasion. LCI’s clientele run the gamut from large, prestigious organizations to home-based businesses. For decades LCI has been the trusted source for wedding paper and envelopes, and remains one of the highest ranked companies of its kind for customer satisfaction.


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