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Combined Locks, Wis. --Apr 18, 2017 – Appleton Coated LLC (“Appleton Coated”) has entered agreements with Customized Energy Solutions (“CES”) to provide operations and dispatch support, as well as market scheduling and settlement services, for a natural gas fired co-generation facility in Wisconsin. The facility, which was purchased in December of 2016, is located at Appleton Coated’s paper mill in Combined Locks. The mill has about 600 employees and produces around 1000 tons per day of coated and uncoated printing, packaging and specialty papers.

The relationship with CES will enable Appleton Coated to produce steam for papermaking operations while providing electricity to the MISO market. “Operation of this facility is a significant step forward for Appleton Coated in both efficiency and environmental sustainability. The co-generation of steam for our papermaking machines and electricity for the market will yield both financial and environmental benefits, because it will allow the company to utilize its natural gas or solid fuel boilers and sell electricity as conditions warrant,” said Doug Osterberg, Appleton Coated’s Chief Executive Officer.

“We are excited to be working with Appleton Coated and assisting them in meeting their efficiency and environmental sustainability goals. CES’ knowledge of the MISO markets, combined with our telemetry and operational systems make us a good fit for companies like Appleton Coated, who are looking for assistance in participating in these markets,” said Erik Paulson, CES’ Vice President of Wholesale Energy Services.

About Customized Energy Solutions
Customized Energy Solutions assists clients in managing and staying ahead of the changes in the wholesale and retail electricity and natural gas markets. Serving hundreds of clients, Customized Energy Solutions offers best-in-class hosted energy market operations platforms and services.

About Appleton Coated
Appleton Coated is a manufacturer and distributor of coated, uncoated, specialty and technical papers sold under the Ethos®, Utopia®, and other brand names. The company’s products are used in high-end commercial printing, textbook publishing, label papers, transactional printing and a variety of specialty, packaging and custom applications. Selling primarily through a chain of highly respected paper distributors, the company serves corporations, publishers, printers, converters, and graphic designers in North America. Appleton Coated’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Combined Locks, Wisconsin.



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