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SOUTH AFRICA, May 11, 2011 - There is no doubt, the world we live in is constantly evolving, most visibly so through the way we communicate. 10 years ago, a CEO communicating to his or her employees through a video would have been viewed as an extravagant investment; today, it’s second nature, and nearly expected. Digital media today has a well deserved place on our communications spectrum, and sits comfortably alongside paper, a more traditional, tried and tested communications medium. Clearly there are challenges to be overcome with multi-media, internet and mobile technologies changing the way that people consume content. But with challenges, come important opportunities for paper to establish its role as a powerful tool for communication and message delivery.

Sappi Europe CEO Berry Wiersum is embracing these challenges and rising to meet new opportunities. Sappi is confident about the future, evolving and transforming on the basis of a changing environment, both literally in relation to sustainability, and in an industry context, responding to the digital era that we are living in.

Berry Wiersum is set to speak to the industry’s concerns about the impact of the price of raw materials and the rise of new media, and what paper can do to adapt. His speech will kick off the 42nd Annual PRIMA Conference in Berlin on the 22-24 May, 2011. The PRIMA conference is one of the foremost events in the paper world, taking place in a different European city every year, and bringing together all of the major actors of the sector.

The 2011 conference is hosted by Sappi, and speakers include Robert A. Latham of PaperlinX Europe, Bart Muskala and Jan Algoed of Proximity BBDO, Paul Marsh of Virgin Media, Kirsten Lange of the Boston Consulting Group, Peter Phippen of BBC Magazines, Eric Van den Bruel of Sappi, Clive Suckling of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prof. Xuewu Gu of Bonn University and Mats Nordlander of Stora Enso. The three day long event will focus both on the transition brought about by the rise of digital media and the changing geographical dynamics of the sector as Asian actors become serious competitors to European companies.

PRIMA 2011 provides an important and valuable forum for discussion, knowledge and inspiration for marketing, sales and strategic professionals of the pulp & paper industries. Suppliers to the industry, merchants, converters, printers and publishers will also find a unique, comprehensive, professional knowledge platform for the paper and related industries of Europe and other regions of the world. At the same time, PRIMA 2011 offers an important source of information for people representing other activities with a direct or indirect interest in the paper industry such as financial analysts, stock brokers, insurance companies and banks, the environmental movement, trade press and the transportation sector.


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